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Community Support


VICCIR is active in the community. We enjoy liaisons with agencies, religious institutions, and academic centres, and are committed to consultation, collaboration and partnership.

Our activities, described below, are guided by the values of inclusion, equality, and mutual respect for our communities’ ethno-cultural groups. We want to promote plurality in our communities – that is, communities that thrive on diversity of origin, culture, religion and interests, and share common values.


Whether to a member of a sponsorship group, a teacher, settlement worker, or an agency representative, VICCIR provides consultation in matters of immigrant/refugee mental health. Often, this service can be accomplished by email, telephone or Skype, although we are happy to meet together.


VICCIR provides training to immigration and settlement agencies, public sector employees such as social workers and counsellors, sponsorship groups, teachers and school board personnel, public health workers and First Responders, as well as our own staff.


The Centre provides support and assistance to those who hear multiple recollections of trauma, and as a consequence develop symptoms of trauma, or suffer a negative shift in attitude about themselves and the world.


The Centre provides information and education to the public of the unique needs of newcomers to Canada, including transcultural counselling, intercultural matters, the impact of trauma, and related issues.


A VICCIR intention is to be guided by the best available evidence in our professional practices, programs and policies. Our counsellors are committed to retaining a sense of curiosity and on-going education. We like to ask questions, and we like to search for answers – about our techniques, practices and methods, and about whether we are continuing to steer towards our vision.

As well, we have a commitment to creating new knowledge and sharing it. VICCIR values our relations with academic institutions and welcomes opportunities to partner in research projects.


Please feel free to contact us, we are here to help. We maintain offices in Victoria and in Duncan.

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