Our Counselling Services


Introduction to Counselling


The counselling programs are central to the work of VICCIR. Many immigrants, especially refugees, have suffered overwhelming experiences, including loss of country, loss of love ones, and exposure to violence and shocking events. It is normal that such experiences can cause psychological symptoms.

Our counsellors are professionals who understand the complexity and unpredictability of the effects of such experiences, and have the tools to guide clients towards healing. Their overall objectives are to help each client make sense of her or his experiences and emotions, increase self-mastery and resilience, and restore a sense of meaning to life, relationships and membership in the community.

The Centre offers a variety of counselling programs, each eight to ten weeks in length. A fee is established in the first session, though no one will be turned away because of an inability to pay.

Our Counselling Process

1 First contact
2 Intake appointment
– 2a Referral to another service, for example public health, physician, settlement agency
– 2b Consultation completed by phone or other short term intervention
3 Intake worker and client decide to continue
4 Program is selected and counsellor is assigned
– A Child begins therapy
– B Adult joins support group
– C Adult joins therapy group
– D Adult begins family, couple or individual counselling
5 Counselling service finishes, usually after 8-10 sessions.
6 Decision reached for counselling to continue


Please feel free to contact us, we are here to help. We maintain offices in Victoria and in Duncan.

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