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Become a VICCIR Ambassador

VICCIR centres itself in supporting the mental health of immigrants and refugees and provides invaluable mental health services that are delivered within a unique holistic, person-centred, trauma informed and culturally sensitive approach that embraces family dynamics and individual needs.

Role description:

  • Health and Cultural Ambassadors (HCA) are members and leaders of a culturally and/or ethnically diverse community living in Victoria and Greater Victoria area. For example, Individuals who have experienced being a newcomer as an immigrant or refugee, second generation immigrants or refugees.

  • Community members and leaders who still connected and being part of the life of their cultural and ethnic communities and who speak their mother tongue/s.

  • HCA’s also act as a bridge between their communities and VICCIR, allowing mutual knowledge exchange, forming psycho-educational groups and helping VICCIR to ensure their community is served with cultural humility, and that services and supports are integrated with a culturally informed approach.

  • An HCA acts as a bridge between VICCIR and the community to learn about mental health issues and barriers accessing services, stigma against mental health and how to reduce misconceptions and prejudice around mental health while helping VICCIR to increase knowledge about traditional and safe healing practices that foster mental health.

  • HCA’s are trained by VICCIR with the tools to help provide psycho-education, educate their community members on the benefits of seeking mental health, and share information about VICCIR services.

  • HCA’s will learn about risk & protective factors for poor mental health in the community (i.e., racism and prejudice).

Volunteer position responsibilities:

  • Making bridges between VICCIR and their community.

  • Create groups within the various communities who could benefit from psychoeducation, learning about how stigma and insufficient knowledge about mental health issues is acting as a barrier for accessing health and mental health services.

  • Learning about positive practices within the communities rooted in cultural practices and values that can help combat stigma.

  • Help people to identify mental health issues and seek help if needed.

  • Help people identify challenges in reaching out for mental health support within their community.

  • Shares information about the benefits of seeking mental health support.

  • Assists in the referral of community member to VICCIR, in cases of trauma and complex issues that may require family/individual counselling.

  • Identify the need for support, parenting and therapy groups within the community and deliver information about VICCIR’s groups.

  • Works as a liaison with volunteer coordinator, director, and assistant director of services to support programs related to community health and wellness.

  • Acts as a safe, non-judgemental, and trained volunteer community members.

  • Attends cultural functions within their community to connect and promote VICCIR with attendees.

  • Encourages members of their community to participate in VICCIR initiatives such as parenting workshops.

  • To participate in schedules debriefing and supervision sessions to receive the appropriate support and ensuring the flow of information to VICCIR.

  • To participate in annual training to support the quality of service and development and sharpening of necessary capacities for this volunteer position.

  • To engage in self-care activities.


  • Preferably with previous experience as health professionals, doctors, nurses, teachers, community & social workers or similar areas of service.

  • Over the age of 25.

  • Active members of their communities, preferably in a leadership position.

  • Mature, independent, and friendly personality.

  • Good communication and listening skills.

  • Good language skills in English and their community’s language.

  • Has knowledge of their community’s cultural norms and expectations.

  • Possess ability to connect with members of their community.

  • Possess creativity in forging partnerships with individuals and acting as a catalyst between their community and VICCIR.

  • Has knowledge and interest in promoting individual and community health and wellness within their community.

  • Service oriented, flexible, open minded and openness to learn and work within a team.


  • Willing to volunteer 15 hours per month.

  • Signed VICCIR’s contract and Code of Ethics.

  • Criminal Record Check (no payment from the volunteer is needed to obtain CRC)

  • Commitment to take the mandatory VICCIR training course (an estimate of 9 hours initially)

If you are interested in becoming a Health and Cultural Ambassador for VICCIR, please follow this link or click on the button below.

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