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BCPVPA Partnership Award

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

At the beginning of June of this year, VICCIR was honoured to receive a 2021 Partnership Award from the BC Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association (BCPVPA). The awards recognize individuals and groups s who have made a substantial difference for students in local public schools. More information on the awards can be found in the BCPVPA media release here.

VICCIR was nominated by our colleagues and partners from the Saanich School District (SD63), Tom Vickers (Principal) and Joan O’Leary (Vice Principal) from Lochside Elementary and Henrietta Langran DesBrisay from SD63. So it was wonderful that Henrietta and Joan came in person to deliver the beautiful artwork that VICCIR received as part of the award.

L-R Henrietta Langran Desbrisay, Adrienne Carter, Joan O’Leary

The presentation was accompanied by this wonderful message:

Dearest Adrienne and Team We are so grateful for you! Being able to reach out to you for support when our kids are sometimes struggling, and we know that with the right help, they can move through feeling down or feeling distressed- it means the world. So often, after just a few sessions, the kids start to show a visible change in their level of happiness. They feel heard, grounded, empowered. Thanks for all of that you have done and continue to do. The Award itself is a beautiful framed print by Haida Gwaii artist Bill Bedard. The Partnership Award print features an owl and eagle. Bill explained that the eagle travels between the physical and spiritual worlds and signifies focus, strength, peace, leadership, and prestige. The Owl, he says, reflects the wisdom and the worlds of educators and their supporters because "the work does not end when the students go home, but requires many nights of hard work and reflection as we strive to prepare our students for a better tomorrow."

We offer you this Award as a sign of our gratitude, and on behalf of our students and families.

Enjoy this video of Joan and Henrietta delivering the Partnership Award to VICCIR.

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