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A Heart of Many Colours

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

L-R Kelly King, Veronica Cooper, Tracy Yerrell, Adrienne Carter.

We received this spectacular gift from Veronica Cooper. A Heart of Many Colours was created by artist Tracy Yerrell, who gifted it to Habitat for Humanity Victoria for their fundraiser 'Open a Door to a Brighter Future'. Veronica first came to know about VICCIR when she interviewed Adrienne Carter in 2018 for CHEK News. In her own words, here's how an interview in 2018 led to a beautiful gift of a door in 2021:

I have had the honour of producing the Vital People feature for CHEK News every Sunday since the spring of 2012. Sponsored by The Victoria Foundation, Vital People has given me the privilege of, week after week, meeting the most incredible people and organizations that are making a huge impactful difference in our community. When I interviewed Kelly King from Habitat for Humanity Victoria, to promote their fundraiser "Open a Door to a Brighter Future," I saw so many spectacular doors, painted and decorated by brilliantly talented local artists. And then, my eyes fell on the breathtaking 'A Heart of Many Colours' by Tracy Yerrell, and all I could think of was Adrienne Carter. I had interviewed Adrienne three years before, when I learned about VICCIR, and I KNEW I had to be the winning bidder, so that I could bring A Heart of Many Colours to the home it was meant to grace. It was an absolute honour for me to make this happen. Thank you Tracy Yerrell, for creating this spectacular, moving piece, and thank you Adrienne and everyone at VICCIR, for the vital, life-changing work you are doing every day. You are all angels.

The artist, Tracy Yerrell, says this about A Heart of Many Colours:

The Red Door sends a message of unconditional love, safety, pride, and positive energy. It provides protection of the home and chases away evil spirits. The stars in the heavens are a representation of self–reliance and resourcefulness and of divine guidance and protection. The five-pointed star is a sacred symbol of oneness representing the human spirits connection with the four elements—air, water, fire, and earth—bonding the human spirit to Mother Nature. The faces of humankind look out at us. Bound together in the light of adversity, the strength and tenacity of mankind is on display. At the base is a heart of many colours, working together as one.

You can see more of Tracy's work on her Facebook page Bat-Fish Studio .

Thanks to Veronica, Tracy and Kelly King from Habitat for Humanity for delivering the door to VICCIR and to our volunteer Phil Rossner for helping to hang it in pride of place at the entrance to the VICCIR reception. In the words of Ana Escalante, VICCIR's Office Manager: Now everyone can feel and see even more the warm welcoming that VICCIR does!

Enjoy these photos and a video of the arrival of A Heart of Many Colours.

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