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Information about VICCIR in Ukrainian

What you should know if you've been referred to the: VANCOUVER ISLAND COUNSELLING CENTRE for IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES


Vancouver Island Counselling Centre for Immigrants and Refugees (VICCIR) was

founded in 2015 to meet the many mental health needs of refugees and persons who

have immigrated to Canada and find themselves far from the familiar supports of their

homeland. No matter why or when you started calling Canada home, we are here for you

as a specialist team of many therapists, interpreters, social services worker and



VICCIR is unique in our team approach and our psycho-therapeutic team is extensively

trained in trauma counselling. We provide and use interpreters trained in the clinical

counselling model; that means our professional consultations are private and culturally

sensitive. We work with individual children, adolescents, adults, and with families. At

VICCIR, our goal is to offer this specialized care, assistance, and education to help you

and your loved ones live your best life here in Canada.


We accept referrals from settlement agencies, sponsorship groups, schools, medical

professionals, ministries, and individuals.


No matter how you have found us, we will collaborate together to create a treatment

plan, which typically comprises an initial ten sessions. We will ask you to come into our

office to get started and to meet our friendly office staff. Moderate fees based on a

sliding scale are discussed before the first session, and we guarantee that no one will

be turned away because of inability to pay. VICCIR is a non-profit, federally - registered


Also available in Russian.

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